Top 5 Content Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2022

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“You need to create ridiculously good content – content that is useful, enjoyable and inspired.”- Ann Handley

Content Marketing plays a pivotal role in connecting with customers and earning their trust by providing meaningful information about the product offerings. Customers would review the content and make their buying decisions based on the value and merit of the content which is available for consumption. Businesses are trying to woo the customers by adopting different strategies that can increase their wallet share significantly. Let’s look at some of the key content marketing trends which are creating a buzz by capturing the attention of the customers in the digital space.

In order to build a successful customer journey, businesses need to build a healthy business model. Achieving customer success would involve a series of steps ranging from customer development, acquisition, client onboarding, engagement and retention. The Content Marketing team needs to understand the criticality of customer retention which is imperative for building long term customer relationships and driving sales growth. Keeping the website abreast with latest information about the products and services would help in enhancing customer experience. Engaging with customers through newsletters, providing up to date information on promos, product launches and any discounts offered would attract even the detractors that could result in better conversion rates.

Leverage on emerging trends like augmented reality for driving better sales volumes and enhancing the brand value. Prospective customers would want to try the products before they make the decision to buy them. Augmented reality provides an engaging shopping experience for customers through interactive features that helps in identifying the customer needs and engaging with customers for providing a unique personalized experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the content marketing landscape in the era of content overload. Customers can now interact freely with BOTs in the websites for getting the required information. BOTs have the ability to converse and have real-life chats with customers and provide the information within a short span of time. With the help of AI, content marketers would be able to understand and track customer behavior by building custom models through predictive analytics. Digital marketing strategists can now create relevant personalized content that can add value to the customers.

Podcasting is yet another content marketing strategy that has become immensely popular thanks to its outreach and client coverage. Podcast is an invaluable marketing channel capable of delivering series of audio content at regular intervals with adequate information for the target audience. Due to the enhanced connection and deeper penetration, Podcasts have turned out to be an effective content marketing tool with a human touch. It can be collaborated with social media and can complement blog content in the form of audio messages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the new age mantra for enhancing the value of content marketing. SEO would help in increasing the visibility of content by driving more traffic to the business website. It primarily deals with On-page and Off-page factors. On-page factors broadly cover optimization techniques like Title tag, Meta description, Headings, URL and Page content that can impact search engine rankings. Some of the Off-page factors include Backlinks, Brand Mentions, Social Shares and Domain Authority which are actions taken outside the website which may not be easily controllable. SEO provides the technical flavor in Content Marketing for achieving loyalty and trust in customer journey.


We at Newlineinfo Corp are focused on new age digital marketing strategies through sustained SEO efforts for out-serving our customers and achieving profitability.

An Insight Into Planning a Successful Website Design

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Design is not for philosophy it’s for life.
–Issey Miyake

Millions of websites are being built online every day. So what separates normal sites from highly successful sites? Newlineinfo, a professional web design and development company, will guarantee that your site is built efficiently, fulfills the purpose, and offers value to your target audience. Here are a few steps that are followed to plan a successful website.

Sitemap Creation

Right after the kick-off meeting and the competitor analysis, we try to identify the purpose of the website and the priorities. With the user flow and the conversion plan in mind, we create a sitemap. A sitemap is the first visualization of the content that will be included on a website, and how it will be organized. At this step, the user personas need to be identified and we start thinking what the user might look for in the web page. This will allow us to create a theoretical user flow in order to design the other sections of the website to create an ideal user experience.


The next step after sitemap for a website is to create a plan to

  • Engage users with relevant content,
  • Facilitate conversion with a compelling call to action,
  • Make the conversion process easy, and
  • Follow up.

To create focus and guide the customer through your website to lead to conversion, we create an effective customer acquisition funnel. This converts your website into a business tool to drive results. We understand that good design is not just a pretty picture but one that yields results.


Content helps our clients connect with their end users. Having a clear sitemap is the backbone to creating the right type of content for your website that yields positive results. Depending on the sitemap, page title, keywords you wish to target, headlines, and body copy, the created content should be easy for the users to comprehend quickly. We create an easily digestible content using smaller paragraphs, incorporating icons and images in the copy. If required, we hire professional copywriters who can create copy that is optimized for search engines, engaging and grammatically correct.

Heading Tags

Heading tags gives you an insight of what the page content is about. Search engines require authors to use proper headings in order to improve the user experience. Each page will have only one H1 tag that denotes the main topic of your page.


After the content is developed, it is time to organize them using wireframes so that it makes sense to the user. Wireframes make it easier for you to plan the layout of the website according to how you want your user to process the information. Responsive web design has necessitated that wireframes become less concrete and a little more flexible. The goal of wireframing is to establish an order for the presentation of content that includes headlines, paragraphs, callouts and sidebars. We decide on what type of information should appear and where the focus of the user should fall on the web page. Though clients may feel that the wireframes are unnecessary, it serve as a bridge to ensure smooth transition from content to design that give results.


We comprehend that the design phase is the most important in website planning. It helps you decide where elements need to be placed for maximum effect. Typically, every designer has a different workflow and style, you have to find what suits you the best. A pattern library – collection of design patterns that feature in our interface, may be used to select the right designs for websites and avoid repetition for our future designs. With the establishment of the pattern library, Newlineinfo was able to achieve a remarkable difference in the consistency of delivering good efficient designs to our clients. It is also important to know that consistency builds trust and improves usability. The efficiency benefit of maintaining a pattern library is that it helps to easily adjust elements and update styles.

It is incredibly important to remember, successful websites do not need to take a lot of time to build if you follow these five crucial steps to provide value to your users.

For more information, visit our website Newlineinfo, or contact us at 301.760.7366.

The Key Elements of Website Design

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I happened to read a very good article written by Barry Adams about making websites. A website must possess elements that are both attractive and functional. Generally, a website is designed and it’s pages featuring the text and images are structured in a logical way. The content management system of the website allows the owner to add or change content. These are the bare minimum requirements for a website, but it does not stop here, the key elements for a good website design are listed below:

Responsive website

Owing to the rise in the number of the smartphone users, people prefer to do shopping on their smartphones, on-the-go. This makes it vital for developers to design a responsive website that works good across the devices like smartphones, tablets, laptop, and desktop, irrespective of their screen sizes.

Page Speed

No matter how attractive the website is, the page speed is critical to its success. The faster load times help boost your search engine rankings thereby improving your conversion rates.

Web Analytics

Studying web analytics is indispensable as it features the impact of a website on its users. Analytics provide you with the number of conversions and the conversion rate for your website to evaluate the effectiveness of your online business and marketing campaigns.


Your website must possess on-page SEO tags and elements, including schema and XML sitemaps that will increase the number of visitors to your website and help in obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page.

Conversion Optimization

It helps owners to create landing pages for the specific campaigns that would help in the conversion of the visitors to your website into leads.

Content Management System (CMS)

A good content management system enables owners to upload, edit, and manage content displayed on the website. The developers need to make sure that they integrate a good CMS with the website they develop.

Social Media

Integrating social media channels with your website work seamlessly to promote your brand and result in the sales.


It is important to carry out the basic security checks for your website in order to prevent data loss, disrupt access, or compromise website credentials.

The web developers in Newlineinfo make the biggest difference by incorporating these elements and create responsive websites.

For more information, visit our website Newlineinfo, or contact us at 301.760.7366.

The Important On-Page SEO Elements

Category: SEO

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.
– Plato

We have discussed earlier on the overview of the SEO in our previous blog. Here we would like to explore on the on-page SEO elements and how it helps in optimizing your web page.

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. There are a few necessary steps that needs to be followed when thinking about optimizing your web pages.

Updated blog

Blogs help companies to build their content, establish their brand and grow their audience. Publishing the daily blog content with custom images results in an increase in Google organic search traffic.

Google Authorship Integration

Google Authorship is a way of verifying the authors who curate the content and also establishes a sense for how much expertise should be awarded to any individual author. With Google Authorship integration, the authors gain credibility based on their publishing history.

Optimized URL’s

Google still prefers optimized, static and keyword rich URL’s. They should be under 100 characters in length and separated by hyphens. Include your location in the URL’s if you are looking to rank your keywords based on location.

Title Tags

Title tag is one of the critical ranking factors for the SEO. Choose your keywords strategically to include on your title tag in On page SEO. The title tag of your homepage should contain your company name. Also, to help in branding, include your company name at the end of the title tag for internal pages.

Heading Tags

Heading tags gives you an insight of what the page content is about. Search engines require authors to use proper headings in order to improve the user experience. Each page will have only one H1 tag that denotes the main topic of your page.

Alt Image Tags

Image tags reinforce the relevance of the text content on the page. Using appropriate keywords in the Image tags helps to rank higher in the Google Image Search.


Proper usage of keywords result in good copywriting. Variations in your keywords need to be taken into account and also make sure that the keywords are incorporated meaningfully throughout your content.

Content depth

Google has started preferring longer form of content and also allows you to optimize for one or two keywords. Even a long well written blog post helps you gain higher ranking using Google In-Depth Search.

Update Old Content

10 Illustrations of How Fresh Content May Influence Google Rankings

As stated by Neil Patel – How Updating Your Old Content Can Help With Your Rankings , update old content to minimize work and get faster results.
This illustration from Moz shows how your original content gradually becomes less and less “fresh,” which is one of the factors Google uses to determine the quality of your site.

Topical Targeting

Rather than focusing a page on one or two keywords try curating content that is concentrated on a particular topic or theme. This helps in optimizing the pages for the multiple and related keywords. Organizing the content around topics not only improves the reader experience but also attracts inbound links and improves the share-worthiness of the content.

The elements of SEO seem to evolve as years pass by, but the goal of Google is to always provide the most valuable and reliable content for its users.

Newlineinfo keeps pace with the ever-evolving SEO process to helps businesses increase organic search traffic to their web pages.

For more information, visit our website Newlineinfo, or contact us at 301.760.7366.

Nila Bags – Empowering Women

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There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.
– Kofi Annan, Former secretary General of the UN

How are NILA bags special? How does NILA bags empower women?

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There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.
– Kofi Annan, Former secretary General of the UN
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How are NILA bags special? How does NILA bags empower women?

Amidst the economic crisis, women face many social challenges to secure a living or to provide for their children. Nila Bags provide job opportunities to empower these women and help them to create a sustainable living. They needed a website to showcase their products and their social work. Newlineinfo tailored a website that talks about their products and their story of woman empowerment to reach a greater audience.

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The LookBook on the website features the various holiday series and vintage series of handbags, that attracts the customers and is very user-friendly. Customers can easily choose across the variety of fabulously crafted handbags. The website features the art, beauty, and excellent craftsmanship of the handbags in a very elegant manner. The visuals are amazingly appealing, inviting customers to own a Nila bag for its beauty and elegance.

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The website also accommodates the information on the leather care for the handcrafted Nila Bags. Newlineinfo has shaped a responsive website to be mobile friendly for its users. The website features all the winning aspects to make Nila Bags grow exponentially and garner success.

Nila bags make you look good and feel good…
For more information, visit our website Newlineinfo, or contact us at 301.760.7366.

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Valuenila bags branding, branding for startups
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Amidst the economic crisis, women face many social challenges to secure a living or to provide for their children. Nila Bags provide job opportunities to empower these women and help them to create a sustainable living. They needed a website to showcase their products and their social work. Newlineinfo tailored a website that talks about their products and their story of woman empowerment to reach a greater audience.

The LookBook on the website features the various holiday series and vintage series of handbags, that attracts the customers and is very user-friendly. Customers can easily choose across the variety of fabulously crafted handbags. The website features the art, beauty, and excellent craftsmanship of the handbags in a very elegant manner. The visuals are amazingly appealing, inviting customers to own a Nila bag for its beauty and elegance.

The website also accommodates the information on the leather care for the handcrafted Nila Bags. Newlineinfo has shaped a responsive website to be mobile friendly for its users. The website features all the winning aspects to make Nila Bags grow exponentially and garner success.

Nila bags make you look good and feel good…
For more information, visit our website Newlineinfo, or contact us at 301.760.7366.

SEO Trends 2019 : Steps To Build a Successful SEO Strategy

Category: SEO

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of tactics performed to rank high on the Google search results. This will increase your organic search visibility, thereby increasing traffic to your website, resulting in improved sales.

It is a long term strategy that requires you to plan and execute to obtain results. Here are some of the steps that needs to be done to optimize your website.

  1. On-site Optimization

On-site optimization is done for the content of your web page to make it accessible to search engines. It also involves changing the technical structure of your website and is optimized for your target keywords and phrases.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing aids to build domain authority, attract inbound links and produce fresh content to rank for more keywords.

  1. Link Building and Off-site Optimization

This strategy includes building links and optimizing your site through guest posts and actively engaging in social media.

  1. Measurement and Analysis

Finally, you need to constantly measure your work, evaluate your success, and adjust your strategy to get even better results.

When ranking sites, Google takes into consideration two main things,

  • Page Authority
  • Page Relevance

Page relevance includes

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. How will plan to target them?
  3. How do you plan to achieve your goals?

For developing an efficient strategy and to understand the relevance, you need to:

Understand Your Demographics

Study your demographics closely to understand:

  1. Who are the searchers you wish to target?
  2. What are they going to be searching for?

Market research comes into play here and you try to understand the mentalities and behavioral patterns of your target searchers. The next challenge is:

  1. Are the people who find your website ready to buy immediately?
  2. Are they still in the research phase waiting to decide?

This study will help you target the right keywords and develop the right content that would yield the right impact.

Study Competition

You will want to certainly study your competition to gain a clear understanding of their strategies.

  1. Make a list of your competitors.
  2. What are they currently doing in terms of SEO?
  3. What keywords are they currently ranking for?
  4. What are they optimizing for?
  5. How much are they investing in their on-site content marketing strategy?

These questions will help you to work towards gaining a competitive edge.

Keyword Research

Incorporating the keywords in your text copy alone will not fetch higher rankings, instead Google looks for related topics when it searches for relevant results, while trying to understand the intent of the user.

Three factors that help in your keywords selection criteria are:

  • Relevance
  • Competition
  • Volume

Set precise Goals

SEO is a long term process and you need to decide on the amount of money you are going to spend on the campaign. You must set clear specific goals to create the desired impact depending on your business.

Newlineinfo helps your website rank better and improves your organic search visibility. For more information, visit our website Newlineinfo, or contact us at 301.760.7366.

Reaching New Consumers; Mobile Applications for Business Solutions

Category: eCommerce, Mobile

An essential aspect of boosting your brand will be the implementation of mobile applications that are ascetically pleasing and function on the pristine level necessary to effectively play a role in everyday business. Newlineinfo, with its expertise dominating both cohesive team management and engineering software assists in assuring that mobile applications achieve this goal, whether on a single platform or cross-platform functionality. In order to reach new consumers through cloud applications, it is imperative that these mobile extensions of your business engage, delight and provide customers with a working venue for utilization of your brand.

When utilizing any development team for the proper development of mobile applications, there are several key ingredients that should be in place if your new software intends to reach these business goals. Newlineinfo provides these ingredients, as well as many others including:

• Both comprehensive brainstorming capabilities with self-drive, agile development teams and expert engineers for the construction of projects.

The skill set required to work in multiple languages, platforms and frameworks such as Android, iOS and HTML5.

• A variety of additional technology available and well-versed for the development of the mobile application you envision such as .NET, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails.
• Experience in building functional yet ascetic mobile applications that will provide consumers with a relatable, engaging platform in which to utilize your company’s products or services.

As a business owner, your vision for the future of your brand is the primary focus whenever working towards the growth of the company. Though branching out into mobile applications is an ideal strategy in this growth, utilizing the assistance of an expert team will assure that this portion of your business is implemented seamlessly through its stages. Within Newlineinfo’s collective portfolio, successful projects demonstrating their abilities in all cloud applications is the shining example of what utilizing an expert in your ideas for the future can bring. Accessing Newlineinfo for the development of cloud applications allows you to share your ideas with a knowledgeable team equipped with the latest technology that will assist in bringing that vision to life.

From Envision to Implementation; Aspects of Business Every Entrepreneur Should know

Category: Business

Entrepreneurs breathe life into new ideas, whether an extraordinary product or innovative service. Yet, many do not succeed in bringing these ideas to the mass consumer. The primary reason, is failure to motivate the right investors necessary to evolve those ideas into endeavors. Successful businesses derive from the right presentation of these products and services, in a fashion that will motivate investors to share in their vision. That motivation can only be achieved through the proper marketing of one’s business to the right people, having a plan of action in place to take an idea to the next level. But what type of strategy is required to achieve this goal? What tools must the successful entrepreneur possess in order to implement their strategy? It is not the idea itself that will bring the right investors to your business. The key lies in how that idea is presented.

Whether the idea is in its infancy, or an established business looking for the final piece to solidify its success, generation of a commanding marketing and branding strategy will assist in the primary goal of attracting investors. There are several vital aspects to this strategy that must be in place and effectively managed in order to achieve business goals:

  • Branding- set your company, and product, apart from competitors. Send a clear message to investors and create memorable visualization of your product or service.
  • Marketing Strategy- powerful presentation of your idea through a variety of tools, including visuals.
  • Product presentation- utilizing high quality methods for the exhibition of new products in a manner that will motivate investors.

The result will be, landing the right investors to take an idea to new levels and bring a product or service to the industry’s consumer.

Entrepreneurs that trust these strategies into the hands of those who know the most effective methods for presentation, find that they achieve this goal with greater proficiency. Newlineinfo specializes in creating this strategy, utilizing the latest technologies and tools when assisting entrepreneurs in achieving the necessary investors. The first plan of action for your businesses will be the creation of an effective brand and marketing strategy. This is done through assessment of ideas and the latest in effective techniques. Once this has been achieved successfully, such tools as UI/UX user interfaces, graphics and web design services as well as high quality visuals will be applied in a manner that will attract the desirable investors to the business. In addition, the management of such tools as website design, including management of content and search engine optimization are essential for ongoing success. Newlineinfo continues to assure, through research and diligence, that entrepreneurs are receiving only the most up-to-date technologies for their product. Engaging the expertise of Newlineinfo will assist your business in the compelling presentation of a product or service, in a fashion that achieves the ultimate goal of motivating investors, so that you may continue to grow your idea with gusto.

Brand Marketing Increases Consumer Awareness: A Win/Win Business Tool

Category: Branding

What is Branding?

Businesses globally utilize branding as a means of providing their consumer market with an identifiable name, term or visual feature, such as a logo. Companies maneuver this branding tool within everyday business, as well as marketing and advertising. Once the company has established a brand, it can be employed for a variety of printed marketing such as flyers, business cards and letterhead. In addition, branding is wielded in multiple forms of online marketing and advertising such as websites, blogs and even social media. This is, of course, in addition to use within actual products and services to assure that the consumer will associate the branding with high quality business in the future, known as “Brand Awareness”. Branding does not typically contain a single layer, but rather multiple elements uses cooperatively to speak out for a company. Brand Elements can include:

  • Names, a word or multiple words
  • Logos
  • Tagline or catchphrase
  • Graphics, shapes, colors
  • Sounds, scents, tastes
  • Movements

“A Brand refers to a term, name or visual design such as a logo, which distinguishes the company from competitors and allows for future recognition by the consumer.”

The key to brand expression is to assure the consumer obtains an ability to recognize the company and its products whenever the brand, or logo appears in marketing. For example, a company that gains a reputation for serving high quality meals or products will find that consumers not only associate their logo with that industry, but as one of the top quality producers within in. This is referred to as brand awareness, and if implemented effectively, it can assist companies in the form of increased customer base, increased revenue and draw in new consumers through the reputation associated with that particular brand. Brand awareness also helps to simplify shopping for the average consumer. Imagine a world without the use of brand expression and awareness. How would a consumer distinguish Kellogg as a type of breakfast cereal in advertisements unless a box of cereal was present in every piece of marketing material produced? Successful companies also aim for what is called “top-of-mind” awareness in order to assure marketing accomplishes its goals. Top-of-mind branding’s primary goal is to assure that the particular company’s products or services are the first to “pop” into a customer’s mind for that particular industry.

“Top-Of-Mind Brand Awareness is the art of assuring consumers think to a specific companies products and services first whenever considering utilization of that particular industry.”

The art of brand awareness is often produced in consumer society without the direct awareness of the consumer. For example, Remax real-estate has long been recognized by the white, red and blue hot air balloon used as its form of brand expression. Once developed, this signature hot air balloon was placed strategically on everything from the company offices and billboards to “for sale” signs placed in front of homes. Many consumers, even if they have not purchased a home or used their services, can identify Remax as a real-estate company simply by the site of their logo. Graphics, such as photos or still art, including the use of cartoon figures, are utilized by multiple successful companies across all industries. Cartoon logos are utilized by such world-famous companies as Disney, Michelin Tires, film production company Pixar and just about every single fast food chain in existence. While the use of a cartoon logo may not be appropriate for every business type or industry, many other forms of visual graphics can enhance brand awareness.

Newlineinfo’s experienced staff have produced many successful examples of proper brand expression with a series of client work throughout its time in the industry. We understand the subtle and yet imperative aspects of an effective branding, one that will increase consumer brand awareness of the specific company’s product or services. One such shining example was in the work completed for Huntbox, a popular company offering a variety of hunting accessories. Originally this logo featured the single antler, set with a blackened border. Though it possessed the simplicity of a proper logo, it was not identifiable to the particular company. Newlineinfo utilized its creative team to recreate a complete brand image that was simple, and yet would serve to make the company more recognizable within its industry. Since its initial development, Newlineinfo has successfully assisted companies from a variety of industries in the creation of effective brand expression and related products.

Through creative planning and meticulous preparation, Newlineinfo combines high-quality graphics and content to create a brand expression that will assist businesses in achieving the goals of reaching out to consumers and generation of top-of-mind marketing. From this new brand expression, business can continue to exceed company goal expectations of increased consumer traffic and awareness, increased sales and generating new consumers as well. We work with clients’ ideas and visions for their company to design a series of effective services to meet their specific needs including:

  • Brand Assessment: We will work with the client to assess the company’s specific needs and goals
  • Company Name Development and Logo Design
  • Assist the client with a brand strategy
  • Create taglines and banners
  • Effectively and accurately portray products and services
  • Generate Web Content Strategies
  • Brand Marketing

The key to marketing success is in the implementation of a well-designed brand expression in combination with a strategically generated brand and advertising strategy to utilize this new branding. New companies just beginning their careers in the market will benefit from solid brand expression that will allow for increased consumer awareness of their high quality products or services, as well as associate the business with its proper industry. Further developed corporations can also benefit from the professional brand expression services whenever searching for a fresh, new look to increase current consumer sales or when expanding a line to increase awareness of new products. Regardless of the specific goals, every company can benefit from the use of a well-designed brand expression and should trust a company, such as Newlineinfo to utilize its experience for the aim of reaching those goals.

Infographics Animation – Frontline of Effective Communication

Category: UI/UX

As the ways we communicate are ever progressing, so are the tools businesses use to effectively relay information back and forth to the general public. Since the first television made its way into homes in 1928, one of the longest running and most effective ways to relay this information has been through the use of visuals, primarily video, with animation soon to follow. From commercials to Video Blogs, communication through video is everywhere. It Makes sense for businesses to utilize these innovative tools as well, and many have already begun stepping onto the frontlines of effective communication with infographic animation. Many individuals around the world have already discovered creative ways to utilize infographics in their everyday personal and business lives, using video animation for such activities as:

  • Introducing a new product to consumers
  • Relaying important information on services and items
  • Offering tips and advice for making better use of the goods they purchase
  • Connecting with new customers
  • Providing up-to-date news on the latest trends
  • Informing loyal consumers of changes to the products or business practices
  • Communicating company information
  • Building new bonds with consumers for steadily building sales

There are many ways to harness the power of infographic animation and every day more new ideas surface. For example, some business have begun addressing consumer concerns, and compliments, through video responses rather than an impersonal email. This not only allows the business an opportunity to reach out to its customers in a new way, but video adds a personal feel to this communication that more effectively builds a loyal consumer base. Video blogs are no longer reserved for that technically advanced individual using visual media to relay personal opinions. Now businesses can take advance of a more stimulating way to connect with consumers through professionally designed, visually appealing company blogs. Using infographic technology to introduce new products increases the likelihood of a sale when consumers can see the product onscreen and watch demonstrations of its usefulness in their lives, rather than being left to imagination. “In a consumer society that thinks in pictures, a good quality infographic can be worth a thousand words.”

So what exactly is infographic animation?

Infographics, or informational graphics, is an effective way to communicate in a fashion that is clear to the observer and can relay that information quicker than any other form of media. The art of using graphics, such as pictures and charts, for relaying information has been around for centuries though not nearly as long as we have had to perfect the written word. But during the 21st century, the introduction of such programs as Adobe Flash made it possible for businesses to begin reaching out to consumers in a whole new way. In its earliest stages infographic animation was reserved only for the most tech-savvy of companies and used for in-house sharing of information. Now, with more companies offering infographic services to their clients, it’s been made possible for businesses of all sizes to utilize this visual tool.

“To sum it into a whole, infographic animation is the use of visual graphics and animation to relay data, information and knowledge in an effective way to a mass audience.”

However, in order for infographics to be effective in its purpose, not just any video animation will suffice. It must be professionally produced, using a variety of tried and true techniques developed over its years of evolution if the businesses wishes to benefit from dependable results. This, and the lack of technical knowledge, are the two main reasons businesses often shy away from venturing out into the forefront of communication technology. Fortunately, many companies have begun providing these services at a reasonable cost, connecting businesses with the general public in the most innovative of ways. An effective infographic should serve some of the following purposes for the business:

  • Relay the message in a visually and auditory fashion that is clear and easy to understand
  • Designed to capture and keep the observers attention
  • Effectively communicate the right information in an organized fashion

Just as there is nothing worse for sales than reading an article riddled with typos, having a poorly created infographic can produce the same ineffectiveness. Utilizing professional services for creation of infographic animation can assist the business in avoiding some typical novice pitfalls. Common mistakes such as; background noise that muffles audio and makes it difficult for the observer to hear, poorly produced graphics, or videos that are too long or short in length, can quickly turn what would have been a great communication tool in a waste of time and costs. However, when used correctly; through graphics that are catchy and intriguing, clearly communicated information and the ideal length for relaying the right amount of knowledge without losing the audience, infographics can work positively for any type of business.

There are two primary types of infographics; still graphics and animation. Used correctly, both types can provide the business with tools to produce effective results. Regardless of the type utilized for the specific goal in mind, both still graphics and animation should relevant, make the point clearly and enhance the information being relayed in a fashion that hammers home to the observer whatever the business is attempting to convey. Animation adds an extra layer to any project with catchy “eye popping” visual information and provides even more depth when conveying a message. Unlike written communication, both still graphics and animation make it possible to relay this information quickly to large audiences, whether online or face to face. Infographics are used in many areas of everyday business such as:

  • Produce consumer-grabbing product launches sure to keep the product fresh in their minds
  • Encourage increases in sales by reaching large portions of the market, faster
  • More effectively launch new products or services to the general public by providing them with
    a visual demonstration
  • Easily relay information to consumers; such as important product updates or company backgrounds
    to drive loyalty
  • Target appropriate audiences for that particular product or service, or reach out to new target
    audiences for further sales expansion

With new reports indicating that the average individual now spends over 1.5 hours per day online, 28% of which is spent watching videos and in social media, it’s no surprise that companies choosing to be on the frontline of effective communication are turning to infographics animation for their everyday business solutions.

What can we do for your business?

New Line Info is constantly working to build solutions for business needs through its line of innovative products and services, offering business owners the opportunities to reach out to consumers and audiences in effective ways. These technologies can assist any business in growing or expanding, reaching new audiences and potentially building towards their goals. Infographics animation is among the many effective tools we can assist our clients in utilizing for these and many other purposes.

Animations that are produced through our team of professionals include both still graphics and animation, and are designed to motivate consumers, enlighten and engage audiences and effectively communicate information.

Motivate. Enlighten. Engage.

Whether it’s still graphics or animated videos clients find that our productions provide them with sharp, clean visuals to enhance the message they are wishing to relay. Graphics should be relevant to the message and effectively serve their purpose for the businesses’ needs. Our animations are powerfully effective, using only the latest technology during production. In addition, our trained staff understand what it takes to consistently engage observers, keep content interesting and motivate the consumer not only to try or purchase a product/service but to share the information with others as well. We provide infographics animation for a variety of business needs including:

  • Animated presentations
  • High-quality still presentations
  • Brochures
  • Product visuals and visual aids
  • New product pitches
  • Website content

New line Info can assist any business in their communication goals for print or online usage and will put together visuals that will clearly serve their purpose. For example, recent work has included assisting our clients in designed an explanatory video for new product they intended to launch to a target audience. Through our professionally written scripts and visually clear graphics, an informative video was created that not only provided an explanation for the consumer on the usefulness of the new product, but motivated the target audience to sample the product themselves. This and other successful projects designed for clients visual graphics that were clear and to the point, yet grabbed the audience’s attention, two key ingredients to an effective infographic animation.

Businesses know that in order to remain successful and encourage growth, it is essential to stay competitive in a fast paced, consistently changing market. Many have begun utilizing infographic animation to further encourage these and other specific goals for the company. Infographic technology is the frontline of effective communication, and the most successful of businesses are harnessing its power to reach out to their consumers. New Line Info can provide businesses with the opportunity to harness this power and produce an effective project to suit the needs of the company. From product launches to informational animations, effective communication starts with the latest in technology and infographic animation is an effective, innovative tool for any successful venture.