Top 5 Content Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2022

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“You need to create ridiculously good content – content that is useful, enjoyable and inspired.”- Ann Handley

Content Marketing plays a pivotal role in connecting with customers and earning their trust by providing meaningful information about the product offerings. Customers would review the content and make their buying decisions based on the value and merit of the content which is available for consumption. Businesses are trying to woo the customers by adopting different strategies that can increase their wallet share significantly. Let’s look at some of the key content marketing trends which are creating a buzz by capturing the attention of the customers in the digital space.

In order to build a successful customer journey, businesses need to build a healthy business model. Achieving customer success would involve a series of steps ranging from customer development, acquisition, client onboarding, engagement and retention. The Content Marketing team needs to understand the criticality of customer retention which is imperative for building long term customer relationships and driving sales growth. Keeping the website abreast with latest information about the products and services would help in enhancing customer experience. Engaging with customers through newsletters, providing up to date information on promos, product launches and any discounts offered would attract even the detractors that could result in better conversion rates.

Leverage on emerging trends like augmented reality for driving better sales volumes and enhancing the brand value. Prospective customers would want to try the products before they make the decision to buy them. Augmented reality provides an engaging shopping experience for customers through interactive features that helps in identifying the customer needs and engaging with customers for providing a unique personalized experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the content marketing landscape in the era of content overload. Customers can now interact freely with BOTs in the websites for getting the required information. BOTs have the ability to converse and have real-life chats with customers and provide the information within a short span of time. With the help of AI, content marketers would be able to understand and track customer behavior by building custom models through predictive analytics. Digital marketing strategists can now create relevant personalized content that can add value to the customers.

Podcasting is yet another content marketing strategy that has become immensely popular thanks to its outreach and client coverage. Podcast is an invaluable marketing channel capable of delivering series of audio content at regular intervals with adequate information for the target audience. Due to the enhanced connection and deeper penetration, Podcasts have turned out to be an effective content marketing tool with a human touch. It can be collaborated with social media and can complement blog content in the form of audio messages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the new age mantra for enhancing the value of content marketing. SEO would help in increasing the visibility of content by driving more traffic to the business website. It primarily deals with On-page and Off-page factors. On-page factors broadly cover optimization techniques like Title tag, Meta description, Headings, URL and Page content that can impact search engine rankings. Some of the Off-page factors include Backlinks, Brand Mentions, Social Shares and Domain Authority which are actions taken outside the website which may not be easily controllable. SEO provides the technical flavor in Content Marketing for achieving loyalty and trust in customer journey.


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The Important On-Page SEO Elements

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A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.
– Plato

We have discussed earlier on the overview of the SEO in our previous blog. Here we would like to explore on the on-page SEO elements and how it helps in optimizing your web page.

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. There are a few necessary steps that needs to be followed when thinking about optimizing your web pages.

Updated blog

Blogs help companies to build their content, establish their brand and grow their audience. Publishing the daily blog content with custom images results in an increase in Google organic search traffic.

Google Authorship Integration

Google Authorship is a way of verifying the authors who curate the content and also establishes a sense for how much expertise should be awarded to any individual author. With Google Authorship integration, the authors gain credibility based on their publishing history.

Optimized URL’s

Google still prefers optimized, static and keyword rich URL’s. They should be under 100 characters in length and separated by hyphens. Include your location in the URL’s if you are looking to rank your keywords based on location.

Title Tags

Title tag is one of the critical ranking factors for the SEO. Choose your keywords strategically to include on your title tag in On page SEO. The title tag of your homepage should contain your company name. Also, to help in branding, include your company name at the end of the title tag for internal pages.

Heading Tags

Heading tags gives you an insight of what the page content is about. Search engines require authors to use proper headings in order to improve the user experience. Each page will have only one H1 tag that denotes the main topic of your page.

Alt Image Tags

Image tags reinforce the relevance of the text content on the page. Using appropriate keywords in the Image tags helps to rank higher in the Google Image Search.


Proper usage of keywords result in good copywriting. Variations in your keywords need to be taken into account and also make sure that the keywords are incorporated meaningfully throughout your content.

Content depth

Google has started preferring longer form of content and also allows you to optimize for one or two keywords. Even a long well written blog post helps you gain higher ranking using Google In-Depth Search.

Update Old Content

10 Illustrations of How Fresh Content May Influence Google Rankings

As stated by Neil Patel – How Updating Your Old Content Can Help With Your Rankings , update old content to minimize work and get faster results.
This illustration from Moz shows how your original content gradually becomes less and less “fresh,” which is one of the factors Google uses to determine the quality of your site.

Topical Targeting

Rather than focusing a page on one or two keywords try curating content that is concentrated on a particular topic or theme. This helps in optimizing the pages for the multiple and related keywords. Organizing the content around topics not only improves the reader experience but also attracts inbound links and improves the share-worthiness of the content.

The elements of SEO seem to evolve as years pass by, but the goal of Google is to always provide the most valuable and reliable content for its users.

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SEO Trends 2019 : Steps To Build a Successful SEO Strategy

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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of tactics performed to rank high on the Google search results. This will increase your organic search visibility, thereby increasing traffic to your website, resulting in improved sales.

It is a long term strategy that requires you to plan and execute to obtain results. Here are some of the steps that needs to be done to optimize your website.

  1. On-site Optimization

On-site optimization is done for the content of your web page to make it accessible to search engines. It also involves changing the technical structure of your website and is optimized for your target keywords and phrases.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing aids to build domain authority, attract inbound links and produce fresh content to rank for more keywords.

  1. Link Building and Off-site Optimization

This strategy includes building links and optimizing your site through guest posts and actively engaging in social media.

  1. Measurement and Analysis

Finally, you need to constantly measure your work, evaluate your success, and adjust your strategy to get even better results.

When ranking sites, Google takes into consideration two main things,

  • Page Authority
  • Page Relevance

Page relevance includes

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. How will plan to target them?
  3. How do you plan to achieve your goals?

For developing an efficient strategy and to understand the relevance, you need to:

Understand Your Demographics

Study your demographics closely to understand:

  1. Who are the searchers you wish to target?
  2. What are they going to be searching for?

Market research comes into play here and you try to understand the mentalities and behavioral patterns of your target searchers. The next challenge is:

  1. Are the people who find your website ready to buy immediately?
  2. Are they still in the research phase waiting to decide?

This study will help you target the right keywords and develop the right content that would yield the right impact.

Study Competition

You will want to certainly study your competition to gain a clear understanding of their strategies.

  1. Make a list of your competitors.
  2. What are they currently doing in terms of SEO?
  3. What keywords are they currently ranking for?
  4. What are they optimizing for?
  5. How much are they investing in their on-site content marketing strategy?

These questions will help you to work towards gaining a competitive edge.

Keyword Research

Incorporating the keywords in your text copy alone will not fetch higher rankings, instead Google looks for related topics when it searches for relevant results, while trying to understand the intent of the user.

Three factors that help in your keywords selection criteria are:

  • Relevance
  • Competition
  • Volume

Set precise Goals

SEO is a long term process and you need to decide on the amount of money you are going to spend on the campaign. You must set clear specific goals to create the desired impact depending on your business.

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The Future of SEO – RankBrain

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Google uses RankBrain to its current search engine algorithms to provide better results.

RankBrain Algorithm

  • It is an artificial Intelligence system used in its algorithms by Google
  • RankBrain is a new modification, that works in conjunction with Google HummingBird (the semantic search algorithm) to monitor Google’s search results
  • RankBrain uses mathematical processes and language semantics to understand the search processes
  • Without relying on the human maintenance the robot upgrades itself regularly
  • RankBrain is a series of mathematical equations that can learn and advance over time.

Ranking Signals

RankBrain can be considered as a new ranking signal as Google does not reveal the precise mechanics of it’s ranking algorithm. There are actually hundreds of different ranking signals and thousands of sub-signals. The significance of RankBrain is that it displaces all ranking signals except two and appears to be critically important to the future of search.

Improves Search

RankBrain is considered important, as it is known to fetch results for even the ambiguous, unrefined, or difficult-to-interpret queries. Over time, RankBrain will learn more about how to appropriately handle certain ambiguous phrases to understand the user intentions better.

RankBrain and SEO

Though RankBrain is a ranking signal, it is not creating much impact to the SEO world. RankBrain is known to be effective in dealing with poorly worded long-tail queries. The traditional practices remain the same but there would be some ranking shakeups on a very small scale.

RankBrain will continue to evolve over time like other Google feature. It could affect development of the search algorithms altogether though it does not show significant changes in the average relevance of a search results page. To understand RankBrain algorithm better, monitor your rankings closely without making radical changes to your strategy.

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