The Future of SEO – RankBrain

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Google uses RankBrain to its current search engine algorithms to provide better results.

RankBrain Algorithm

  • It is an artificial Intelligence system used in its algorithms by Google
  • RankBrain is a new modification, that works in conjunction with Google HummingBird (the semantic search algorithm) to monitor Google’s search results
  • RankBrain uses mathematical processes and language semantics to understand the search processes
  • Without relying on the human maintenance the robot upgrades itself regularly
  • RankBrain is a series of mathematical equations that can learn and advance over time.

Ranking Signals

RankBrain can be considered as a new ranking signal as Google does not reveal the precise mechanics of it’s ranking algorithm. There are actually hundreds of different ranking signals and thousands of sub-signals. The significance of RankBrain is that it displaces all ranking signals except two and appears to be critically important to the future of search.

Improves Search

RankBrain is considered important, as it is known to fetch results for even the ambiguous, unrefined, or difficult-to-interpret queries. Over time, RankBrain will learn more about how to appropriately handle certain ambiguous phrases to understand the user intentions better.

RankBrain and SEO

Though RankBrain is a ranking signal, it is not creating much impact to the SEO world. RankBrain is known to be effective in dealing with poorly worded long-tail queries. The traditional practices remain the same but there would be some ranking shakeups on a very small scale.

RankBrain will continue to evolve over time like other Google feature. It could affect development of the search algorithms altogether though it does not show significant changes in the average relevance of a search results page. To understand RankBrain algorithm better, monitor your rankings closely without making radical changes to your strategy.

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