Enterprise Business Intelligence Marketplace

Larger Corporations generate more data and require more complex and sophisticated enterprise business intelligence (EBI) solutions to help increase productivity and efficiency. In addition to providing a higher capacity for data management and analytics, Enterprise BI solutions involve aligning business objectives, data and analytics strategies, and leveraging resources and expertise.

The well-established vendors in this space such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, SAP, Tableau, Qlik, and others, help in the ability to complete the following agendas with their specific toolsets like the one given below.

  • Dashboarding
  • Operational reporting
  • Data visualization
  • OLAP concepts
  • Data movement (ie ETL Tools)
  • Data cleansing
  • KPI semantic layer
  • Predictive analysis and analytics
  • Ad hoc usage
  • Database offering

Newlineinfo Corp’s EBI insights

EBI is an evolving landscape and though many organizations have already established EBI capabilities, others have multiple tools that they have integrated with their existing systems, large scale inefficiencies in the systems exist.  This occurs when data collection and analytics remains project- or team-focused, essential information gets siloed, and companies risk inefficiencies, redundancies, and potential mission conflicts between teams. The key requirements of EBI point large-scale operational reports, data governance, and security in our experience. From enterprise business intelligence strategy to enterprise analytics consulting, Newlineinfo Corp can help in establishing EBI or weaving departmental BI applications into an EBI system.