IT Consulting

Newlineinfo Corp understands the constantly evolving disruptive technology that impacts the IT workforce, making it difficult to create and bring innovative solutions to the market quickly across various industries. Our strategic IT consulting will help you optimize the software portfolio, automate and digitalize operations, and implement the latest technologies.


At Newlineinfo Corp, we utilize the expertise and deep tech background of our IT consultants, to create a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your organization that aligns with your business objectives. Our experienced consultants offer end-to end quality solutions across all IT dimensions, from architecture to strategy to digital, to suit your business needs. We craft an effective IT strategy to help organizations of different scale and structure to deliver maximum benefit in the shortest time possible, giving you a competitive edge over others.


Securing the right talent is the critical need for big expanding and evolving Corporations. Newlineinfo Corp provides temporary and permanent workforce management solutions to address our client’s evolving business needs- including contract placement, direct sourcing, and contract-to-hire. Our customized staffing solutions provide the best experienced talents in the industry within the shortest possible time frame to meet our client’s specific requirements. We work with individuals to understand their skills, abilities and professional goals and will match them to opportunities that will benefit both the candidate and our client. We handle your workforce requirements effectively and let you focus on what matters the most – solving your complex business challenges.

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