Data Systems and Data Analytics Review

Whether your organization is looking to evaluate an existing BI program or starting a new BI endeavor, Newlineinfo Corp’s comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) Audit and data systems review will help you understand the inefficiencies of your data systems to make better decisions and even facilitate to change the course of your business to maximize operations.

What to expect On a BI Audit?

Our BI Audit includes a thorough run-through of the existing business intelligence and data management systems. Newlineinfo Corp will advise on recommendations to improve, after analyzing the existing system whether it conforms to the industry standards and employs best practices in data management and BI environment. We also provide recommendations on new products/ features and how they should fit into the short, mid, and long-term deployment plans. Our findings will be documented and recommendations will be provided to the client to improve the existing systems and on possible future BI endeavors.

Business Intelligence Audit Report

The list of some of the elements that will be audited by Newlineinfo Corp

  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Project making
  • Server Review(RAM, Disk, OS, Page Files)
  • Accuracy of reporting and Analysis
  • Report Instant Review
  • Security Model
  • BI Architecture
  • Quality of data
  • Data Models
  • Change management

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