Infographics Animation – Frontline of Effective Communication

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As the ways we communicate are ever progressing, so are the tools businesses use to effectively relay information back and forth to the general public. Since the first television made its way into homes in 1928, one of the longest running and most effective ways to relay this information has been through the use of visuals, primarily video, with animation soon to follow. From commercials to Video Blogs, communication through video is everywhere. It Makes sense for businesses to utilize these innovative tools as well, and many have already begun stepping onto the frontlines of effective communication with infographic animation. Many individuals around the world have already discovered creative ways to utilize infographics in their everyday personal and business lives, using video animation for such activities as:

  • Introducing a new product to consumers
  • Relaying important information on services and items
  • Offering tips and advice for making better use of the goods they purchase
  • Connecting with new customers
  • Providing up-to-date news on the latest trends
  • Informing loyal consumers of changes to the products or business practices
  • Communicating company information
  • Building new bonds with consumers for steadily building sales

There are many ways to harness the power of infographic animation and every day more new ideas surface. For example, some business have begun addressing consumer concerns, and compliments, through video responses rather than an impersonal email. This not only allows the business an opportunity to reach out to its customers in a new way, but video adds a personal feel to this communication that more effectively builds a loyal consumer base. Video blogs are no longer reserved for that technically advanced individual using visual media to relay personal opinions. Now businesses can take advance of a more stimulating way to connect with consumers through professionally designed, visually appealing company blogs. Using infographic technology to introduce new products increases the likelihood of a sale when consumers can see the product onscreen and watch demonstrations of its usefulness in their lives, rather than being left to imagination. “In a consumer society that thinks in pictures, a good quality infographic can be worth a thousand words.”

So what exactly is infographic animation?

Infographics, or informational graphics, is an effective way to communicate in a fashion that is clear to the observer and can relay that information quicker than any other form of media. The art of using graphics, such as pictures and charts, for relaying information has been around for centuries though not nearly as long as we have had to perfect the written word. But during the 21st century, the introduction of such programs as Adobe Flash made it possible for businesses to begin reaching out to consumers in a whole new way. In its earliest stages infographic animation was reserved only for the most tech-savvy of companies and used for in-house sharing of information. Now, with more companies offering infographic services to their clients, it’s been made possible for businesses of all sizes to utilize this visual tool.

“To sum it into a whole, infographic animation is the use of visual graphics and animation to relay data, information and knowledge in an effective way to a mass audience.”

However, in order for infographics to be effective in its purpose, not just any video animation will suffice. It must be professionally produced, using a variety of tried and true techniques developed over its years of evolution if the businesses wishes to benefit from dependable results. This, and the lack of technical knowledge, are the two main reasons businesses often shy away from venturing out into the forefront of communication technology. Fortunately, many companies have begun providing these services at a reasonable cost, connecting businesses with the general public in the most innovative of ways. An effective infographic should serve some of the following purposes for the business:

  • Relay the message in a visually and auditory fashion that is clear and easy to understand
  • Designed to capture and keep the observers attention
  • Effectively communicate the right information in an organized fashion

Just as there is nothing worse for sales than reading an article riddled with typos, having a poorly created infographic can produce the same ineffectiveness. Utilizing professional services for creation of infographic animation can assist the business in avoiding some typical novice pitfalls. Common mistakes such as; background noise that muffles audio and makes it difficult for the observer to hear, poorly produced graphics, or videos that are too long or short in length, can quickly turn what would have been a great communication tool in a waste of time and costs. However, when used correctly; through graphics that are catchy and intriguing, clearly communicated information and the ideal length for relaying the right amount of knowledge without losing the audience, infographics can work positively for any type of business.

There are two primary types of infographics; still graphics and animation. Used correctly, both types can provide the business with tools to produce effective results. Regardless of the type utilized for the specific goal in mind, both still graphics and animation should relevant, make the point clearly and enhance the information being relayed in a fashion that hammers home to the observer whatever the business is attempting to convey. Animation adds an extra layer to any project with catchy “eye popping” visual information and provides even more depth when conveying a message. Unlike written communication, both still graphics and animation make it possible to relay this information quickly to large audiences, whether online or face to face. Infographics are used in many areas of everyday business such as:

  • Produce consumer-grabbing product launches sure to keep the product fresh in their minds
  • Encourage increases in sales by reaching large portions of the market, faster
  • More effectively launch new products or services to the general public by providing them with
    a visual demonstration
  • Easily relay information to consumers; such as important product updates or company backgrounds
    to drive loyalty
  • Target appropriate audiences for that particular product or service, or reach out to new target
    audiences for further sales expansion

With new reports indicating that the average individual now spends over 1.5 hours per day online, 28% of which is spent watching videos and in social media, it’s no surprise that companies choosing to be on the frontline of effective communication are turning to infographics animation for their everyday business solutions.

What can we do for your business?

New Line Info is constantly working to build solutions for business needs through its line of innovative products and services, offering business owners the opportunities to reach out to consumers and audiences in effective ways. These technologies can assist any business in growing or expanding, reaching new audiences and potentially building towards their goals. Infographics animation is among the many effective tools we can assist our clients in utilizing for these and many other purposes.

Animations that are produced through our team of professionals include both still graphics and animation, and are designed to motivate consumers, enlighten and engage audiences and effectively communicate information.

Motivate. Enlighten. Engage.

Whether it’s still graphics or animated videos clients find that our productions provide them with sharp, clean visuals to enhance the message they are wishing to relay. Graphics should be relevant to the message and effectively serve their purpose for the businesses’ needs. Our animations are powerfully effective, using only the latest technology during production. In addition, our trained staff understand what it takes to consistently engage observers, keep content interesting and motivate the consumer not only to try or purchase a product/service but to share the information with others as well. We provide infographics animation for a variety of business needs including:

  • Animated presentations
  • High-quality still presentations
  • Brochures
  • Product visuals and visual aids
  • New product pitches
  • Website content

New line Info can assist any business in their communication goals for print or online usage and will put together visuals that will clearly serve their purpose. For example, recent work has included assisting our clients in designed an explanatory video for new product they intended to launch to a target audience. Through our professionally written scripts and visually clear graphics, an informative video was created that not only provided an explanation for the consumer on the usefulness of the new product, but motivated the target audience to sample the product themselves. This and other successful projects designed for clients visual graphics that were clear and to the point, yet grabbed the audience’s attention, two key ingredients to an effective infographic animation.

Businesses know that in order to remain successful and encourage growth, it is essential to stay competitive in a fast paced, consistently changing market. Many have begun utilizing infographic animation to further encourage these and other specific goals for the company. Infographic technology is the frontline of effective communication, and the most successful of businesses are harnessing its power to reach out to their consumers. New Line Info can provide businesses with the opportunity to harness this power and produce an effective project to suit the needs of the company. From product launches to informational animations, effective communication starts with the latest in technology and infographic animation is an effective, innovative tool for any successful venture.