An Insight Into Planning a Successful Website Design

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Design is not for philosophy it’s for life.
–Issey Miyake

Millions of websites are being built online every day. So what separates normal sites from highly successful sites? Newlineinfo, a professional web design and development company, will guarantee that your site is built efficiently, fulfills the purpose, and offers value to your target audience. Here are a few steps that are followed to plan a successful website.

Sitemap Creation

Right after the kick-off meeting and the competitor analysis, we try to identify the purpose of the website and the priorities. With the user flow and the conversion plan in mind, we create a sitemap. A sitemap is the first visualization of the content that will be included on a website, and how it will be organized. At this step, the user personas need to be identified and we start thinking what the user might look for in the web page. This will allow us to create a theoretical user flow in order to design the other sections of the website to create an ideal user experience.


The next step after sitemap for a website is to create a plan to

  • Engage users with relevant content,
  • Facilitate conversion with a compelling call to action,
  • Make the conversion process easy, and
  • Follow up.

To create focus and guide the customer through your website to lead to conversion, we create an effective customer acquisition funnel. This converts your website into a business tool to drive results. We understand that good design is not just a pretty picture but one that yields results.


Content helps our clients connect with their end users. Having a clear sitemap is the backbone to creating the right type of content for your website that yields positive results. Depending on the sitemap, page title, keywords you wish to target, headlines, and body copy, the created content should be easy for the users to comprehend quickly. We create an easily digestible content using smaller paragraphs, incorporating icons and images in the copy. If required, we hire professional copywriters who can create copy that is optimized for search engines, engaging and grammatically correct.

Heading Tags

Heading tags gives you an insight of what the page content is about. Search engines require authors to use proper headings in order to improve the user experience. Each page will have only one H1 tag that denotes the main topic of your page.


After the content is developed, it is time to organize them using wireframes so that it makes sense to the user. Wireframes make it easier for you to plan the layout of the website according to how you want your user to process the information. Responsive web design has necessitated that wireframes become less concrete and a little more flexible. The goal of wireframing is to establish an order for the presentation of content that includes headlines, paragraphs, callouts and sidebars. We decide on what type of information should appear and where the focus of the user should fall on the web page. Though clients may feel that the wireframes are unnecessary, it serve as a bridge to ensure smooth transition from content to design that give results.


We comprehend that the design phase is the most important in website planning. It helps you decide where elements need to be placed for maximum effect. Typically, every designer has a different workflow and style, you have to find what suits you the best. A pattern library – collection of design patterns that feature in our interface, may be used to select the right designs for websites and avoid repetition for our future designs. With the establishment of the pattern library, Newlineinfo was able to achieve a remarkable difference in the consistency of delivering good efficient designs to our clients. It is also important to know that consistency builds trust and improves usability. The efficiency benefit of maintaining a pattern library is that it helps to easily adjust elements and update styles.

It is incredibly important to remember, successful websites do not need to take a lot of time to build if you follow these five crucial steps to provide value to your users.

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