Coronavirus: Impact on the IT Industry

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The COVID 19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global economy and has impacted all critical business activities like manufacturing, health care, supply chain, logistics, IT-enabled services, and the list goes on. Big businesses are all thinking about the new ways of working by deepening customer connect, cutting cost and leveraging on serendipity delivered by this pandemic ” Work from Home “. Now let’s spare some thought for the small business segment which plays an integral part in contributing towards the growth and development of our economy.

In the current scenario, only a great little has been done to revive the sentiments of small business and it’s high time that this segment gets the help and support that it richly deserves. Some of the key measures by which the lost confidence of small businesses can be restored are Extension of credit, delaying of loan repayments, relaxing tax norms, Government intervention through subsidy, and better liquidity. Also, the small business segment needs to do some soul searching and find ways to remain lean that will help them keep pace with the changing dynamics of the economy. Small businesses need to renegotiate their existing contracts with their suppliers to mitigate the risk of non-performance in their underlying deals. The existing revenue models can be reviewed and the factors that contribute to the spike in costs can be optimized for better profits and bottom line. An end to end review of the value chain can be reassessed for identification and elimination of non-value-added activities. Steps that are manual can be automated for enhanced service delivery and better turnaround time. Small businesses can anticipate and understand customer demand to avoid overstocking of inventory. Mobilize and cross skill its human resources to meet the dynamic demands of its clientele. Small businesses can position themselves as a one-stop-shop service provider by carving a niche for them in the dynamic market place. Regular customer feedback through digital surveys can help to reinvent their business models for upgrading their service standards from time to time. They can engage actively with their banks/financial institutions to extend their credit facilities that would help in planning their Cash Flows effectively.

In the current crisis, small businesses need to work on their core capabilities and leverage on their expertise to deliver quality output that would enable them to grow and mature into long term sustainable business models.

The Key Elements of Website Design

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I happened to read a very good article written by Barry Adams about making websites. A website must possess elements that are both attractive and functional. Generally, a website is designed and it’s pages featuring the text and images are structured in a logical way. The content management system of the website allows the owner to add or change content. These are the bare minimum requirements for a website, but it does not stop here, the key elements for a good website design are listed below:

Responsive website

Owing to the rise in the number of the smartphone users, people prefer to do shopping on their smartphones, on-the-go. This makes it vital for developers to design a responsive website that works good across the devices like smartphones, tablets, laptop, and desktop, irrespective of their screen sizes.

Page Speed

No matter how attractive the website is, the page speed is critical to its success. The faster load times help boost your search engine rankings thereby improving your conversion rates.

Web Analytics

Studying web analytics is indispensable as it features the impact of a website on its users. Analytics provide you with the number of conversions and the conversion rate for your website to evaluate the effectiveness of your online business and marketing campaigns.


Your website must possess on-page SEO tags and elements, including schema and XML sitemaps that will increase the number of visitors to your website and help in obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page.

Conversion Optimization

It helps owners to create landing pages for the specific campaigns that would help in the conversion of the visitors to your website into leads.

Content Management System (CMS)

A good content management system enables owners to upload, edit, and manage content displayed on the website. The developers need to make sure that they integrate a good CMS with the website they develop.

Social Media

Integrating social media channels with your website work seamlessly to promote your brand and result in the sales.


It is important to carry out the basic security checks for your website in order to prevent data loss, disrupt access, or compromise website credentials.

The web developers in Newlineinfo make the biggest difference by incorporating these elements and create responsive websites.

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9 attractive web design trends of 2016

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Web Designs are dynamic, evolving and ever-changing in nature. The core of the emerging design trends is enhancing the user experience. Designs should always adjust to accommodate both form and purpose.

Captivating Images

Good quality HD images attracts the attention of the user. This strongly enhances the user experience with a compelling call to action.

Material Design over Flat designs

Google’s material design has become popular and gives more depth to flat designs.


Typographies have a great impact on the users when they are streamlined, artistic, tangible and minimal designs.

Background videos and animations

They create visibility to the site in addition to enhancing the page experience.

Hover animations

When the users hover their cursor over an element’s function, Hover animations instantly provides feedback thereby enhancing their browsing experience.


Long scrolling facilitates storytelling opportunities in websites, enabling the user to control their pace.

Motion animations

The human eye detects movement very effectively, hence motion animations attracts attention and increases traffic to the website.

Fullscreen forms

Fullscreen forms allow easy interaction and captures the attention of the users on an individual screen.

Duotone color schemes

Duotone color palettes are known to create a strong visual experience.

As technology changes, the design trends evolve to provide a better and attractive user experience.
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