Coronavirus: Impact on the IT Industry

Category: Business

The COVID 19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global economy and has impacted all critical business activities like manufacturing, health care, supply chain, logistics, IT-enabled services, and the list goes on. Big businesses are all thinking about the new ways of working by deepening customer connect, cutting cost and leveraging on serendipity delivered by this pandemic ” Work from Home “. Now let’s spare some thought for the small business segment which plays an integral part in contributing towards the growth and development of our economy.

In the current scenario, only a great little has been done to revive the sentiments of small business and it’s high time that this segment gets the help and support that it richly deserves. Some of the key measures by which the lost confidence of small businesses can be restored are Extension of credit, delaying of loan repayments, relaxing tax norms, Government intervention through subsidy, and better liquidity. Also, the small business segment needs to do some soul searching and find ways to remain lean that will help them keep pace with the changing dynamics of the economy. Small businesses need to renegotiate their existing contracts with their suppliers to mitigate the risk of non-performance in their underlying deals. The existing revenue models can be reviewed and the factors that contribute to the spike in costs can be optimized for better profits and bottom line. An end to end review of the value chain can be reassessed for identification and elimination of non-value-added activities. Steps that are manual can be automated for enhanced service delivery and better turnaround time. Small businesses can anticipate and understand customer demand to avoid overstocking of inventory. Mobilize and cross skill its human resources to meet the dynamic demands of its clientele. Small businesses can position themselves as a one-stop-shop service provider by carving a niche for them in the dynamic market place. Regular customer feedback through digital surveys can help to reinvent their business models for upgrading their service standards from time to time. They can engage actively with their banks/financial institutions to extend their credit facilities that would help in planning their Cash Flows effectively.

In the current crisis, small businesses need to work on their core capabilities and leverage on their expertise to deliver quality output that would enable them to grow and mature into long term sustainable business models.

Generation UCAN – Inspiring “SuperStarch” Success

Category: Branding

What began as the desperate search by the parents of Jonah Feldman (Jonah), affected with glycogen storage disease led to the formation of Generation UCAN. Generation UCAN is powered by SuperStarch, a complex carbohydrate that uniquely stabilizes blood sugar and causes virtually no reaction from the fat-storage hormone insulin. SuperStarch is a revolutionary fuel being used for energy, sports, and fitness.

Newlineinfo teamed up with Generation UCAN to create a workable solution to express their brand and to showcase their innovative product. The Homepage features the Marathon stars Meb Keflezighi and Dathan Ritzenhein, Olympians, who are proud to be associated with Generation UCAN. The website features the details of the company from inception till date. It also portrays in a detailed manner the science behind the development of SuperStarch and its various benefits for the next generation’s sports nutrition.

The ‘WHO’S TALKING’ section of the website features what the experts and athletes associated with UCAN have to say about the product and its benefits. ‘UCAN videos’ is linked to the YouTube Channel of GENERATION UCAN. The website also enables consumers to purchase products easily for personal orders or in bulk for resale.

Newlineinfo takes pride in developing the right mix of brand design and user interface with compelling web experiences for Generation UCAN.

Website: Generation UCAN

For more information, visit our website Newlineinfo, or contact us at 301.760.7366.

Branding for start-ups – Nailing the innovation

Category: Branding

In the fiercely competitive business world, registering your brands in the minds of customers is a Herculean task. Branding serves as the essence of connecting the customer to the company and to your product, as new start-ups swarm the market with their innovative business ideas. Asani Threading (Asani) developed the world’s first precision threading device to disrupt the salon business where manual threading techniques were prevalent. The product was featured in the “The Launch Pad Show” and had won the investment from the Ideal Incubator.

The most challenging part, is the story – telling about the products to create a brand name. Though their ideas are refreshing and innovative, the real task is to shape them into appealing ones that will succeed in the market. At Newlineinfo, we render the digital product design and business expertise to help position your brand in the minds of the customers.

The design phase of the startup like Asani includes:

  • Understanding the target audience of the product
  • Personality (design) of the product
  • The USP of the product
  • The future

We are focused on the design, user interface, content, and the overall experience of the products. A flawless, perfect plan was laid in constructing the Asani brand. At Newlineinfo, frequent experimentation, embracing risks, being innovative and enhancing the user experience at all times helps to build a successful brand like Asani. We take great pride in aiding Asani lift off through our innovative web design and branding strategies.

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