Branding for start-ups – Nailing the innovation

Category: Branding

In the fiercely competitive business world, registering your brands in the minds of customers is a Herculean task. Branding serves as the essence of connecting the customer to the company and to your product, as new start-ups swarm the market with their innovative business ideas. Asani Threading (Asani) developed the world’s first precision threading device to disrupt the salon business where manual threading techniques were prevalent. The product was featured in the “The Launch Pad Show” and had won the investment from the Ideal Incubator.

The most challenging part, is the story – telling about the products to create a brand name. Though their ideas are refreshing and innovative, the real task is to shape them into appealing ones that will succeed in the market. At Newlineinfo, we render the digital product design and business expertise to help position your brand in the minds of the customers.

The design phase of the startup like Asani includes:

  • Understanding the target audience of the product
  • Personality (design) of the product
  • The USP of the product
  • The future

We are focused on the design, user interface, content, and the overall experience of the products. A flawless, perfect plan was laid in constructing the Asani brand. At Newlineinfo, frequent experimentation, embracing risks, being innovative and enhancing the user experience at all times helps to build a successful brand like Asani. We take great pride in aiding Asani lift off through our innovative web design and branding strategies.