9 attractive web design trends of 2016

Category: Web Design

Web Designs are dynamic, evolving and ever-changing in nature. The core of the emerging design trends is enhancing the user experience. Designs should always adjust to accommodate both form and purpose.

Captivating Images

Good quality HD images attracts the attention of the user. This strongly enhances the user experience with a compelling call to action.

Material Design over Flat designs

Google’s material design has become popular and gives more depth to flat designs.


Typographies have a great impact on the users when they are streamlined, artistic, tangible and minimal designs.

Background videos and animations

They create visibility to the site in addition to enhancing the page experience.

Hover animations

When the users hover their cursor over an element’s function, Hover animations instantly provides feedback thereby enhancing their browsing experience.


Long scrolling facilitates storytelling opportunities in websites, enabling the user to control their pace.

Motion animations

The human eye detects movement very effectively, hence motion animations attracts attention and increases traffic to the website.

Fullscreen forms

Fullscreen forms allow easy interaction and captures the attention of the users on an individual screen.

Duotone color schemes

Duotone color palettes are known to create a strong visual experience.

As technology changes, the design trends evolve to provide a better and attractive user experience.
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