Brand Marketing Increases Consumer Awareness: A Win/Win Business Tool

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What is Branding?

Businesses globally utilize branding as a means of providing their consumer market with an identifiable name, term or visual feature, such as a logo. Companies maneuver this branding tool within everyday business, as well as marketing and advertising. Once the company has established a brand, it can be employed for a variety of printed marketing such as flyers, business cards and letterhead. In addition, branding is wielded in multiple forms of online marketing and advertising such as websites, blogs and even social media. This is, of course, in addition to use within actual products and services to assure that the consumer will associate the branding with high quality business in the future, known as “Brand Awareness”. Branding does not typically contain a single layer, but rather multiple elements uses cooperatively to speak out for a company. Brand Elements can include:

  • Names, a word or multiple words
  • Logos
  • Tagline or catchphrase
  • Graphics, shapes, colors
  • Sounds, scents, tastes
  • Movements

“A Brand refers to a term, name or visual design such as a logo, which distinguishes the company from competitors and allows for future recognition by the consumer.”

The key to brand expression is to assure the consumer obtains an ability to recognize the company and its products whenever the brand, or logo appears in marketing. For example, a company that gains a reputation for serving high quality meals or products will find that consumers not only associate their logo with that industry, but as one of the top quality producers within in. This is referred to as brand awareness, and if implemented effectively, it can assist companies in the form of increased customer base, increased revenue and draw in new consumers through the reputation associated with that particular brand. Brand awareness also helps to simplify shopping for the average consumer. Imagine a world without the use of brand expression and awareness. How would a consumer distinguish Kellogg as a type of breakfast cereal in advertisements unless a box of cereal was present in every piece of marketing material produced? Successful companies also aim for what is called “top-of-mind” awareness in order to assure marketing accomplishes its goals. Top-of-mind branding’s primary goal is to assure that the particular company’s products or services are the first to “pop” into a customer’s mind for that particular industry.

“Top-Of-Mind Brand Awareness is the art of assuring consumers think to a specific companies products and services first whenever considering utilization of that particular industry.”

The art of brand awareness is often produced in consumer society without the direct awareness of the consumer. For example, Remax real-estate has long been recognized by the white, red and blue hot air balloon used as its form of brand expression. Once developed, this signature hot air balloon was placed strategically on everything from the company offices and billboards to “for sale” signs placed in front of homes. Many consumers, even if they have not purchased a home or used their services, can identify Remax as a real-estate company simply by the site of their logo. Graphics, such as photos or still art, including the use of cartoon figures, are utilized by multiple successful companies across all industries. Cartoon logos are utilized by such world-famous companies as Disney, Michelin Tires, film production company Pixar and just about every single fast food chain in existence. While the use of a cartoon logo may not be appropriate for every business type or industry, many other forms of visual graphics can enhance brand awareness.

Newlineinfo’s experienced staff have produced many successful examples of proper brand expression with a series of client work throughout its time in the industry. We understand the subtle and yet imperative aspects of an effective branding, one that will increase consumer brand awareness of the specific company’s product or services. One such shining example was in the work completed for Huntbox, a popular company offering a variety of hunting accessories. Originally this logo featured the single antler, set with a blackened border. Though it possessed the simplicity of a proper logo, it was not identifiable to the particular company. Newlineinfo utilized its creative team to recreate a complete brand image that was simple, and yet would serve to make the company more recognizable within its industry. Since its initial development, Newlineinfo has successfully assisted companies from a variety of industries in the creation of effective brand expression and related products.

Through creative planning and meticulous preparation, Newlineinfo combines high-quality graphics and content to create a brand expression that will assist businesses in achieving the goals of reaching out to consumers and generation of top-of-mind marketing. From this new brand expression, business can continue to exceed company goal expectations of increased consumer traffic and awareness, increased sales and generating new consumers as well. We work with clients’ ideas and visions for their company to design a series of effective services to meet their specific needs including:

  • Brand Assessment: We will work with the client to assess the company’s specific needs and goals
  • Company Name Development and Logo Design
  • Assist the client with a brand strategy
  • Create taglines and banners
  • Effectively and accurately portray products and services
  • Generate Web Content Strategies
  • Brand Marketing

The key to marketing success is in the implementation of a well-designed brand expression in combination with a strategically generated brand and advertising strategy to utilize this new branding. New companies just beginning their careers in the market will benefit from solid brand expression that will allow for increased consumer awareness of their high quality products or services, as well as associate the business with its proper industry. Further developed corporations can also benefit from the professional brand expression services whenever searching for a fresh, new look to increase current consumer sales or when expanding a line to increase awareness of new products. Regardless of the specific goals, every company can benefit from the use of a well-designed brand expression and should trust a company, such as Newlineinfo to utilize its experience for the aim of reaching those goals.

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