VR set to transform Learning on the Job?

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“Productivity depends on many factors, including our workforce’s knowledge and skills and the quantity and quality of the capital, technology, and infrastructure that they have to work with.”-  Janet Yellen

Businesses have realised the importance of Virtual Reality and the benefits derived from carrying out learning and development of their staff by leveraging on its far-reaching benefits and advantages. VR provides for simulated learning scenarios enabled through usage of mobile telephony, standalone headset and desktops using high end computer devices.

Virtual Reality has become a game changer for companies to engage staff and boost productivity levels through responsive learning and continuous improvement. New technologies like eye tracking software, biometrics and brainwave monitoring have enabled companies to closely monitor the progress of employees and institutionalise scalable modern training methodologies aided by VR for better knowledge retention and enhanced employee engagement at a reduced cost.

Soft skills like public speaking, negotiation, selling and networking hardly find a place in the education system and these enterprise skills are high in demand for jobs requiring client interaction and decision making. VR helps in upskilling the workforce through Integrated learning with traditional methods and provides a platform for learning via simulated environments. VR has made remote learning possible eliminating the need for in-person training without compromising on interpersonal connection. Managers can monitor the performance of employees online and provide developmental feedback to their employees for improvement.

VR helps in simulating spaced repetitions of random workplace scenarios that reduces the employee learning curve significantly. This helps in getting the employees future ready with the necessary skill sets that are transferable and sensitising them in potential real life scenarios with the help of effective learning experience.

VR also helps in identifying talent and reducing the time taken to on board new candidates through smarter recruitments. When a large number of candidates need to be interviewed. VR enables online interaction and helps in assessing the aptitudes and skill levels of the candidates precisely to identify the right candidate within a shorter span of time. VR provides greater flexibility and attracts the talent across the globe through new recruitment strategies like taking a virtual reality tour of the workplace, immersive on the job Virtual Reality job experience, fun filled onboarding process. 

VR technology will also aid the employees interact with their sales prospects and customers effectively across multiple geographies by collaborating them in different time zones that helps in delivering better results. Experiential learning through VR can help employees achieve greater success in customer service through cross selling customisation and product simulation.


We at Newlineinfo Corp constantly strive to deliver customised digital solutions through enhanced employee engagement and Customer Focus.

Mobile Accessibility: Why should businesses care?

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With the advent of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, their compact size and ease of use has led to an increased demand for these devices. It has become inevitable for companies to develop mobile applications (mobile apps) corresponding to their core websites. Popular rideshare companies like  Uber, Lyft, …..offer their core products as mobile apps only.

The challenge… How to make these mobile apps accessible to individuals with disabilities?

Prior to the mobile apps, government agencies and commercial entities relied on software and web standards published by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). According to W3C – the organization that maintains WCAG 2.0 standards, but there are no separate guidelines for mobile accessibility, as it is covered in W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) accessibility standards/guidelines.

In the past, there have been many lawsuits related to website not being “accessible friendly” causing monetary losses and putting a company’s reputation at risk. Now this risk is extended to mobile applications as well – thereby causing companies to be more vigilant on adherence to these standards.

Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) have been incorporating accessibility features on their operating systems and devices to assist people with disabilities to use these features when using mobile applications. For example iOS provides Voiceover and Android provides TalkBack as screen readers. However these screen readers will read how the application has been coded. For example if the objects on the screen do not convey meaningful information to the end user through Voiceover or Talkback, then the accessibility problem has not been solved.

The big question is whether the creators of these mobile applications have knowledge of Section 508 standards and if they are performing assessment of their applications for accessibility compliance. While Section 508 compliance is not fully enforced in the commercial space, companies must understand the risks associated with usage of these applications by individuals with disabilities. They need to ensure that with reasonable accommodation all users of the mobile application must have a good user experience and not cause unexpected behavior due to accessible functionality.

Some best practices outlined below to ensure that mobile applications confirm to Section 508 standards:

         Plan a Section 508 charter that will be followed by the developers while creating the mobile app.

         Train your business analysts, developers and testers on Section 508 standards.

         Provide an accessibility statement to end users on the mobile app.

         Perform Section 508 assessment and remediate the pre-remediation findings to the extent possible.

         If possible, create an accessible version of the application.

As the demand for smartphones, tablets, voice-enabled devices is increasing, companies need to ensure that Section 508 standards are part of the development practices. At Newlineinfo Corp, we help you adhere and incorporate the 508 standards as part of the systems development lifecycle to minimize risk related to accessibility. This helps your business survive in the larger business ecosystem and continue to grow.

Mobile Commerce : Why does it matter? [Infographic]

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Is mobile commerce destined to be the wave of the future? Years ago, consumers relied on the brick and mortar stores for shopping and as the years passed, ecommerce and purchasing online was the fad of the season. Shopping behavior of the customers changed drastically and they preferred to buy and sell goods from anywhere and everywhere using a mobile device. Mcommerce is the trend that evolved progressively from ecommerce and refers monetary transaction that has been completed using a mobile device with the help of the internet.

Mobile Commerce: Why Does it matter?
  • Mobility: People prefer to use their smartphones to fulfill their business transactions anywhere they go as long as they can access the internet.
  • Portability: Because of mobile device portability, mobile commerce reach will be far wider than e-commerce.
  • Location:M-commerce apps can track and identify user locations with the help of GPS technology and Wi-Fi to provide location-specific content and personalized recommendations.
  • Security: The security capabilities of mobile commerce are a bit more extensive.

According to the Statista reports the revenue for the Mcommerce is expected to grow from 156.28 Billion US Dollars in 2017 to 206.51 in the year 2018.

Mobile retail e-commerce sales in the United States from 2013 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Statista report of Mobile retail e-commerce sales

An ideal way to connect with customers and stand out of competition is by partnering with shopping apps. They help in global reach, rapid expansion.and scalability to reach new markets, and time their messages perfectly to the target audience.  

Newlineinfo develops custom mobile applications for your company that provides greater visibility for your business not shifting our core focus from that one important thing: customer experience  – to make your products and services available at convenience through extensive research and technology.

Reaching New Consumers; Mobile Applications for Business Solutions

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An essential aspect of boosting your brand will be the implementation of mobile applications that are ascetically pleasing and function on the pristine level necessary to effectively play a role in everyday business. Newlineinfo, with its expertise dominating both cohesive team management and engineering software assists in assuring that mobile applications achieve this goal, whether on a single platform or cross-platform functionality. In order to reach new consumers through cloud applications, it is imperative that these mobile extensions of your business engage, delight and provide customers with a working venue for utilization of your brand.

When utilizing any development team for the proper development of mobile applications, there are several key ingredients that should be in place if your new software intends to reach these business goals. Newlineinfo provides these ingredients, as well as many others including:

• Both comprehensive brainstorming capabilities with self-drive, agile development teams and expert engineers for the construction of projects.

The skill set required to work in multiple languages, platforms and frameworks such as Android, iOS and HTML5.

• A variety of additional technology available and well-versed for the development of the mobile application you envision such as .NET, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails.
• Experience in building functional yet ascetic mobile applications that will provide consumers with a relatable, engaging platform in which to utilize your company’s products or services.

As a business owner, your vision for the future of your brand is the primary focus whenever working towards the growth of the company. Though branching out into mobile applications is an ideal strategy in this growth, utilizing the assistance of an expert team will assure that this portion of your business is implemented seamlessly through its stages. Within Newlineinfo’s collective portfolio, successful projects demonstrating their abilities in all cloud applications is the shining example of what utilizing an expert in your ideas for the future can bring. Accessing Newlineinfo for the development of cloud applications allows you to share your ideas with a knowledgeable team equipped with the latest technology that will assist in bringing that vision to life.

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