Branding your existing app

Category: Branding

About the app:

Whether you are a hunter in need of animal sounds to draw in your target, a hiker who wants to mark trails, or maybe someone who needs to diminish predators on the property. HuntBox is designed to meet all of these needs plus many more.

Our role:

Our job was to give a new look and feel to the huntbox app and develop new features.

Phase 1:

Logo design: The old logo, with just one antler was not enough to speak for the features of the app. So we came up with a concept to mix a deer head with antlers and a target symbol to mean hunting along with a map marker to imply that the app will be a guide for hunters.

Phase 2:

UI design: Our next task to create a user-friendly UI for the app which was to match the values expressed by the logo. It had to look strong and masculine. We started on the designs, went through various stages of discussion and refinement and finally came up with a design which had a strong masculine look with metallic texture. To view all the screens of the app, please check it out on our portfolio.

Phase 3:

Development: After the designing phase was over, our developers worked on giving life to the design. The app was developed for IOS with features like flashlight, numerous animal calls, calendar, weather reports, maps with the ability to save tracks, antler measurement, legal notices and a lot more.

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