5 ‘Marvel’lous Comeback Tips for Startups

Category: Business

Marvel is one of the most iconic brands in the mid -1990s. Marvel is well known for its comics and superheroes. Amidst the struggling comic book market, the company took financial risks to survive but eventually declared bankruptcy.

Marvel made the difficult decision to sell off the movie rights of Spider-Man, X-Men and the Fantastic Four. With the prominent characters out of its hands, it seemed the company was destined to die. So Marvel shifted their focus on movies instead of comics and worked towards adjusting its strategy. It assembled its team: Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk and equipped with a different approach and strategy, it initiated a comeback.

The plan proved to be a success. Marvel returned better and stronger than ever. In fact, its newest movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron had the second-highest domestic opening of all time.

It’s a superhero success story, and one that’s just as exciting as any that Marvel’s team could have written. Get inspired by Marvel’s comeback and make the most of adversity to succeed.

Adversity – The Stepping Stone

Adversity in business may ‘knock you to the ground.’ Realize that even the most successful of the business ventures were possible only after various trial and error experiments.

Dream Team – The Pillars

Start building your team of supporters of friends, family and business associates. Depend on them for advice and support to make a comeback in your business. You’re going to need them, so start assembling your dream team.

Negativity – The Destroyer

Negativity comes in all forms, be aware of self-defeating thoughts and overcome doubt and fear with determination to make a successful comeback.

Setbacks – The Opportunities

Setbacks are often the opportunities in that are presented in the form of raw materials. It requires determination and hard work to transform these opportunities to make success. Start by re-evaluating your goals, and then develop a solid plan to reach them.

Focus – The Problem Solver

Focus on the solution rather than the problem to work towards success. Re-evaluate the situation to reach the solution. New opportunities might open up
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