Reimagining Talent Practices: Recruiting To Retain

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Talented people are vital to our continued success, and we continuously invest in our associates, giving them the tools and training to succeed. – Indra Nooyi

Businesses are rapidly aspiring to reimagine talent practices for enhancing the skill quotient of their employees in the digital workspace. Hence there is a need to revisit the conventional practices and build an effective talent management strategy for enhanced business outcomes and customer experience.

Let’s look at some of the new age practices that would create a paradigm shift in the way’s businesses build their core competencies.

Robust profiling of employee’s skills sets and talents would help in creating a valuable repertoire of information that would help in understanding the employee’s career aspirations, onboarding and role fitment.

Transparency in the availability of opportunities within the organization would create a dynamic environment for the employees to grow both horizontally and vertically. Internal job watches, trending jobs etc would help in breaking the silos and building an inclusive talent management system within the organization.

Businesses need to look at generating fresh ideas and unlock the hidden potential of their employees for improving their business processes by simplifying their workflows that would result in better efficiency and saving costs. This can be achieved by having regular Hackathons, crowdsourcing sessions and setting up of work groups that focus on critical themes covering quality, cost, people and customer. Reward and recognition can be institutionalized for enhanced collaboration and active participation.

In addition to, on the job training, businesses need to have different channels for employee engagement. These would include podcasts, webinars, zoom meetings that would result in connecting with employees and leverage their talents. Technical, Soft skill training and assessments need to be provided to enhance the digital maturity of the staff that would help them cope up with the dynamic demands of the future.

An effective framework needs to be built for measuring the talent development plan with the help of data analytics, business metrics and dashboards. This would help in measuring the key indicators covering the learning curve, skills learnt, productivity and voice of customers. Key learnings from these indices need to be reviewed at regular intervals for measuring the effectiveness of the talent management strategy and an action plan needs to be agreed upon with all stakeholders for follow up and delivery.


We at Newlineinfo, have an engaged team that caters to the dynamic requirements of our clientele. We consistently upgrade our core competency to remain competitive through rigorous talent management practices that deliver value to all our stakeholders.

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