Nila Bags – Empowering Women
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Nila Bags – Empowering Women

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women

– Kofi Annan, Former secretary General of the UN

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How are NILA bags special? How does NILA bags empower women?

Amidst the economic crisis, women face many social challenges to secure a living or to provide for their children. Nila Bags provide job opportunities to empower these women and help them to create a sustainable living. They needed a website to showcase their products and their social work.  Newlineinfo tailored a website that talks about their products and their story of woman empowerment to reach a greater audience.

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The LookBook on the website features the various holiday series and vintage series of handbags, that attracts the customers and is very user friendly. Customers can easily choose across the variety of fabulously crafted handbags. The website features the art, beauty, and excellent craftsmanship of the handbags in a very elegant manner. The visuals are amazingly appealing inviting customers to own a Nila bag for its beauty and elegance.

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The website also accommodates the information on the leather care for the handcrafted Nila Bags. Newlineinfo has shaped a responsive website to be mobile friendly for its users. The website features all the winning aspects to make Nila Bags grow exponentially and garner success.

Nila bags make you look good and feel good…
For more information, visit our website NewlineInfo, or contact us at 301.760.7366.

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