Amazon Web Services

Built in secure cloud services platform to improve flexibility and efficiency and provide strategic value.

Online Patient Portal

Manage patient demographics and generate precise reports using the Neonatology medical billing software.

Cloud Based Application

This application built in cloud helps manage the infrastructure, without compromising on the scalability, security, or dependability.


Billing Analytics

Patient Management

Maximize Productivity

Comprehensive Agenda


The client a renowned Neonatologist in Maryland designed a complete revenue cycle management solution that is intuitive and easy to use.

The background

The client wanted to build a trusted platform to automate and simplify the neonatology medical billing process.


  • Automate the process of neonatology online billing process.
  • Online solution to manage day to day patient information.
  • Ability to generate the reports without any discrepancies.
  • Dashboard to manage and send bulk reports.
  • Provision to manage permissions for admin, providers and assistants.


  • Built a HIPAA compliant solution which helps neonatologists to simplify billing process.
  • Built a Saas model application to connect with multiple hospitals.
  • Developed an end to end interactive web application billing system.
  • Built a customized report tool.
  • Innovative product that provides a venue for complete revenue cycle management for doctors and hospitals.
  • Built a auto scalable solution for cloud environment.
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