Investing In Start-Ups: The Rewards and Risks

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Entrepreneurship is not a theory, it is an experiment.
– Amit Kalantri

“Entrepreneurship is not a theory, it is an experiment.” – Amit Kalantri

Global economy is changing rapidly, and the burgeoning start-ups need investment to turn their ideas into sustainable business models. Investing in the start- ups can be a game changer and a mutually rewarding experience in the evolving financial spectrum.

Investing in start-ups comes with a wide range of benefits that are tangible and businesses have an array of investment opportunities to choose from.

Investments made in start-ups can provide diversification of portfolio and informed asset allocation that can help in managing the investment strategy based on risk appetite. Sectoral strategy in the field of technology, healthcare, consumer durables, financial services need investments for their business development and growth plan. Start-ups provide significant investment options for companies for leveraging on their expertise and gaining financial momentum.

The companies can put their industry experience and insights to effective use by investing in start-ups which would create more jobs resulting in financial growth and inclusion.

Investing in start-ups can also lead to innovation through integrating with frontline technologies. This would help unlock their entrepreneurial potential and achieve competitive advantage.

Companies can also support in the alleviation of social and environmental issues and can play a key role in combating them through impact investing. Combination of business acumen and social responsibility can inspire change and can create a positive impact in the society.

Established companies tend to have high administrative expenses and rigidity in their operating style. Investing in start-ups can be more cost effective that would result in enhanced efficiency through flexible modus operandi.

No start up business is free from risk. These could include risks associated with the market, technology, operations and funding. Start-ups need to make a qualitative assessment of the market trend in which they operate and need to have a backup plan for absorbing any potential impact due to market movements, technological or financial changes. Hence a robust risk management strategy conjoined with calibrated risk mitigation plan would result in effective management of Startup businesses.


Newlineinfo Corp lookout for fresh ideas that can be turned into sustainable business models through appropriate investment strategies backed by wealth of industry experience and sharp insights on business requirements for delivering superior value propositions.

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